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Do you want compelling content that aligns with the needs of your target markets? A fresh set of eyes with an unobstructed view on you and your clients? Someone who knows how to find the breakthrough opportunities to push your communications into new territory?
Glenn develops the kind of quality content and messaging that entire campaigns and strategies are built on. As the Executive Director for the regional adult education network for Toronto and York Region, Glenn advocated for access to the written word/world. Now he is advocating for organizations like yours, helping them win new business. He has marketing and communications experience in IT, Finance, Health, and Education in both the public and private sectors. An accomplished writer, skilled communicator and strategic thinker, Glenn has the insight and ability to rescue projects or build them from the ground up; adding value all the way and bringing success to your business development imperatives.

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The value of having the third party expertise and to finally get it done is, well.... incalculable……

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We gather the contextual intelligence to help you define your corporate personality and develop deeper customer relationships